Friday, January 21, 2011

I've created a monster

Well that didn't take long at all- it appears that one of the players in my City of Varo campaign is now obsessed with Salumar chess and wants his character to collect as many variant pieces as possible. I totally lured him in by introducing a chess aficionado NPC who was willing to teach him how to play the game while they both endured a boat ride from the City to the island of Tendyra, then sealed the deal during the most recent run when his character turned up a chess set while looting one of the bad guy's hideouts... including the Beholder bishop major variant!

Another player suggested an additional mechanic for major variants which I rather liked- not only does a major variant increase your Gaming ability score by 1, but it also allows you to re-roll your skill check once for every major variant you put into play. Note however that this re-roll does not counteract the effect of rolling doubles (nor does it mitigate the effect of the opposing player rolling doubles against you), which means that it is possible for a player to win twice as many pieces from his opponent if he/she rolls two sets of doubles in a row.

Talk about unlocking the minigame...

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